As from the early 1930s, bakers, butchers and the like delivered their goods on their Long Johns. The Long John was a freight bicycle with a cargo area between the handlebars and the front wheel.

Approximately 100 years later we have Ferre, which is adapted to today’s needs: a practical e-bike with a powerful Shimano Steps mid-motor, 8-speed hub (Alfine), hydraulic disc brakes and a sturdy aluminium box. Ferre enables you to swiftly cycle through the city and carry children and shopping in the box.

The frame is built in such a manner that the box is very close to the ground, which increases stability while riding. A strong stand furthermore provides great stability during parking. As with all other Achielle bikes, you can completely configure your Ferre by opting for one or several colours and choosing from different saddles, handlebars, lighting systems etc.

In addition, Ferre can optionally be equipped with a tent and a Maxi-Cosi adaptor. Click here to find out more about the possible combinations.

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