Sam & Saar

Urban path racer, inspired by track cycling, ready for the city.

Sam&Saar bicycles are very special: stripped to the minimum, inspired by a 1930s track bicycle (Path Racer) but adjusted to cycling in the city.
Sam&Saar bicycles feature Sturmey-Archers two-speed hub. This Duomatic does not require manual shifting but shifts by a short kickback. No unnecessary cables and very practical.

You’d rather have more gears? Not a problem! Sam&Saar bicycles are also available with a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub with a coaster brake and a Sturmey Archer 3- or 5-speed hub with drum brakes. These are operated by a shifter on the handlebar stem.
The handmade frames ensure a sporty riding position, and the Mixte frame gives Saar an incredibly beautiful look!

If you want a more luxurious bicycle without sacrificing the unique looks, you can opt for the Deluxe model instead of the Naked model. The deluxe model has all the extras: side kickstand, fenders, deluxe pedals with toe clips trimmed with leather and an exclusive painted chainglider.
The chainglider is painted in the bicycle’s colour through a unique process. This is a subtle way to have a fully enclosed chain guard.

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