Limited special edition of the Sam bicycle.

Only 50 numbered bikes have been made. Only available via the Achielle dealers. Click here for an overview of the dealers where you can find a Limited Edition.
What makes this handmade Sam so unique? The most striking are the wooden rims: strong, light, unique and really beautiful. These rims have been made in Italy for three generations and have been used three times to win the ‘Tour of Flanders’.
Apart from these wooden rims, the Sam has a highly detailed finish: unique low profile fenders, a golden chain, and the leather saddle and the hand grips were produced by Brooks.
This Sam features a Sturmey Archer three-speed hub as well as front and rear drum brakes. Sapim Strong spokes are used to put the classic hubs in the rims.
The pedals were made by MKS. Like the Brooks saddle’s undercarriage, they have a copper finish. The matching toe clips are in turn fitted with leather straps from Brooks.
Each Sam furthermore has a number from 1 to 50 engraved on a plate by hand.
(All bicycles have in the meantime been sold to the dealers).