Branded Bicycle

All bikes from the Achielle range can be equipped as branded bicycles.

This makes it possible to make the bike perfectly fit in with your own brand or corporate identity.
We provide a solution to everyone, whether for a single bike or for a large series of bicycles.

The possibilities are endless, but the use of a branded bicycle also offers a lot of options.
If you wish to lend e-bikes to the guests of your hotel or B&B, we will produce a series of bicycles displaying your logo and matching your corporate identity.
Not only does this create considerable value for your customers, it also enhances your brand’s visibility.
In addition, it enables SMEs to advertise in an environmentally friendly way and increase their visibility without incurring high costs or the need for permits.
Of course, it is also be a lovely way to thank your customers, e.g. within the framework of a contest in which your brand’s bikes are the main prize or a loyalty programme for your customers.
It can be an ecofriendly mode of transport allowing staff to quickly get a sandwich during their break, post a parcel, etc.
Each one is a unique calling card for your company, a real eye-catcher that will be noticed everywhere.
If you have other options in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and we will help you consider the possibilities.

As a basis for our branded bicycles, you can opt for any Achielle bike, from a simple single-speed to a full-option e-bike or cargo bike.
We will customise it to create a bicycle that perfectly matches your wishes.
What about the colour? Of course, colour is all-important; you can either choose a colour from our extensive range or opt for a custom colour. You can select virtually any RAL colour for your branded bicycle (over 200 colours)!
Do you want a bike in several colours? No problem! You can combine a main colour with a detail colour, e.g. for the rims, fenders and/or chain guard.
Obviously, your logo is important too. You can opt for a simple logo on the frame, or we can accessorise your bicycle with an additional plate in the frame or on the carrier featuring your logo or a full-colour print.
If you want to make your bike even more exclusive, you can have your logo lasered onto the plate and even combine it with a number, which is a handy detail in loan bikes.
Or what about leather accessories displaying your logo?
Whether you are interested in a single bicycle or a whole fleet, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you design and develop your unique promotional bike.

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