Our most classic bicycle, to be configured from a plain bicycle in its purest form, devoid of any unnecessary elements to a fully-equipped city bike.

Our most classic bicycle, to be configured from a plain bicycle to a fully-equipped city bike.

Basiel&Babette offers endless possibilities. You can opt for a fully stripped down bicycle with a sporty riding position and a Sturmey Archer Duomatic gear hub, which requires you to backpedal a little bit to change gear. You don’t have any cables in this case. However, you can also go for a fully equipped city bike with an upright sitting position, a Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear hub and a hub dynamo lighting system. All intermediate combinations are possible as well.

Choose from over 15 colours to fully personalise your bicycle. You can also decide on the colour of the fenders and the rims: have everything in the same colour or opt for a striking contrast.
You can furthermore choose from different types of lighting systems, handlebars, locks, Brooks grips and saddles, tires, front and rear carriers and even chains.

Get inspired: Babette&BasielColor Guide

– Basiel&Babette used to be divided into 3 different models: Jules&Julie, Miel&Marie and Basiel&Babette. The three models have now been combined into one model, opening up even more possibilities.
– The pictures below show bicycles still featuring stainless steel rims, but these rims are no longer available. Basiel&Babette will always come with aluminium rims from now on.