How do I order my Achielle bike?

Achielle bicycles are only available via our dealers.
You can go to one of these certified bike shops to watch the different models and colours, put together your own bike and order it. Your bike will be ready to pick up only a few weeks later.

No dealer in your area? Contact us and we will make sure your Achielle bike is delivered in your area.

Can you order an Achielle bike online?
No, you can only order a bike via one of our dealers.
Do you prefer to put together and order your bike at home? This is possible!
You proceed as follows:
1/ Go to the configurator page and put together your own Achielle bike. Make sure you are logged in before you do so. You can log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Gmail or create a personal login.
2/ At the left you can go through all options and at the right you will see an overview of the bicycle you are configuring with the corresponding price (excl. transport).
3/ Once you are ready, you should push the green button ‘SAVE YOUR ACHIELLE’ (beneath the overview).
4/ You will then be redirected to a new page with a summary of all options and a field to enter a title and another one for remarks. Below the latter field, you should then click the button ‘Save configuration’. You will then find your Achielle in ‘My Configurations’.
5/ If you want to adjust the bike afterwards, you can do so via the menu ‘My Configurations’ by clicking the pencil.
6/ To order the bike, go to ‘My Configurations‘ and provide your bicycle dealer with the bike code (e.g. 5227A0-2018-01-16). By means of this code, your dealer can order your Achielle bike with us.