Shimano Steps

Here you can find our e-bikes with Shimano Steps mid-engine, click on the picture for more info:

Shimano Steps Emma

Shimano Steps Odiel

Shimano Steps Ernest

We looked for a high-quality system for our line of electric bicycles and soon ended up with the Shimano Steps system.
Shimano Steps is a complete system mounted on the frame (mid-motor).
The integration of the drive unit in the vicinity of the bottom bracket ensures that the weight is located low in the frame. This makes the e-bike easier to handle.
The most important electronics are integrated in the drive unit, which guarantees a reliable and weatherproof system.
Shimano steps is a lightweight system with a powerful lithium-ion battery and an intelligent battery management system.
The Steps system is combined with the internal Di2 hub gear, an electronic circuit perfectly integrated in the drive unit. So you do not change gears by moving a rotor or level; this is done electronically by pressing a button.
In addition, the system changes gears automatically, depending on your speed and the applied force, it will select the correct gear.
Briefly reducing the power while changing gears ensures a remarkably smooth transition from one gear to another.
In addition, the system automatically returns to a lower gear when you stop and is ready for a speedy departure when the light turns green.
Only Shimano has this knowledge of the electrical drive unit and the gear components. Only Shimano can accomplish this integration. And this makes a huge difference for the rider.