Branded Bikes

All bikes from the Achielle range can be equipped as branded bicycles. This makes it possible to make the bike perfectly fit in with your own brand or corporate identity. We provide a solution to everyone, whether for a single bike or for a large series of bicycles. Some examples from our Instagram page:

Omer Limited Edition

Find out all the making-of pictures on our Facebook page. You can find the Omer LTD at the following dealers: BelgiĆ«: Biker, Gent B-Cycle, Westerlo Bike World, Brugge Bike World, Knokke Biking Fietsshop, Hasselt Cadans, Leuven De Specht, Berchem (Antwerpen) De Velo-Droom, Gent Deewee Bikes, Mechelen Duvelo, Menen Fietsen Carl, Menen Fietsen Dirk Defever, Ieper Fietsen Scheldeman, Ardooie Fietsen Vandamme, …