Extremely functional bikes, robust yet slim, Oscar and Olivia will charm any all-round cyclist year in year out.

Whether you want to go on a long bike ride to work or a recreational ride in the weekend, Oscar and Olivia will do the trick.
We have tried to make a very modern bike without losing the Achielle identity.
Thanks to its somewhat wider tires, you will float over the cobblestone streets, while the beltdrive with the Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal-gear hub ensures a smooth and silent ride.
The lights are powered by an XT hubdynamo. At night, the front light produces no less than 70 lux and even during the day, the BUMM front light automatically switches to the daylight function.
Both the rear light, integrated in the Curana fender, and the front light are provided with “parking light” function. These two functions ensure that you stay visible to other road users at all times, also during the day and when you stop briefly.
Furthermore, this bike is standardly equipped with Brooks Cambium C17 / C17s saddle and grips, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and pedals with extra grip.
Thanks to the choice between different handlebars and stems, you can opt for a sportier or a more upright position.
The technical specifications:

  • Hydraulic Discbrakes Shimano
  • Shimano XT hubdynamo 3W
  • Beltdrive Gates Carbon Drive CDN (50T – 22T)
  • BUMM lights front (IQ-XS 70 LUX) and rearlight
  • Front and rear light with “parking light” function
  • Frontlight with automatic daylight function
  • Curana fenders with integrated rearlight
  • Brooks Cambium C17 / C17s saddle and grips (black or naturel)
  • THUN Zumba Bracket (as recommanded by Gates)
  • Steel frame, designed and made in our own workshop
  • Continental Contact Speed tires (622-42)
  • VP pedals ‘Sandpaper’
  • Steel frame, designed and made in our own atelier
  • Standardly available in Black Matte, Nightblue Matte, Armygreen Matte and Tangerine (glossy). All other Achielle colours are available as an option (at an upcharge)
  • Available with Comfort handlebar (Jules) and Sport handlebar (Miel), combined with Eagle stem or Dropstem (optional).
  • Ryde rims standardly available in aluminium colour and optionally in Black Matte, Nightblue Matte, Armygreen Matte and Tangerine (glossy).