Odiel S1921

Shimano, which celebrates its centenary in March 2021, started with the dreams that Shozaburo Shimano from the city of Sakai wanted to realise by means of metalworking technology.

For a century, Shimano has pursued (natural) happiness and created new values in the area of bicycle parts, fishing gear and rowing equipment.
On the occasion of this anniversary, we will create a special edition of Odiel this year. This e-bike is standardly equipped with a Shimano E6100 motor as well as Shimano gears, hubs and hydraulic disc brakes.

At first sight, Odiel seems to be a motorcycle that comes straight from 1921. If you take a closer look, however, the combination of the Shimano parts, for example a powerful 65Nm engine, 8 integrated hub gears and an automatic shifter, results in a modern e-bike.