Jean is a compact 24″ e-bike suitable for large transports.

Jean is a compact 24″ e-bike suitable for large transports.
Examples include carrying two children (with or without child bike seats), groceries, school bags, etc.
Nothing is too much for Jean!
Everyone has different needs and wishes. Thanks to its numerous options and possibilities, Jean can be adapted to any situation.
This bicycle grows along with your family and can easily replace a car. First you can take two young children along in a bike seat and, a few years later, safely transport them with the upper rack on the rear carrier.
Not only is it the perfect family bicycle, Jean is also powerful enough to be used as a cargo bike. Whether for doing your weekly shopping, carrying the kids’ school bags and sports bags, or transporting tools for your company, anything can be combined.

Thanks to its compact size, you can easily ride the Longtail through the city, just like an ordinary e-bike.
The step-through frame is wide and low which, combined with the stable central stand, ensures that you can easily get on and off and park.

Just like all other Achielle models, Jean can be fully configured:
You can choose from various saddles, lights, belt or chain, etc. and, most importantly, lots of colour combinations.

Get inspired: JeanColor Guide

Take a look at the technical data and all information about the available options.

Inspired by the stand of the Ferre cargo bike, a specific stand was designed for Jean.
Jean has an user-friendly, stable and robust central stand.

Jean is equipped with a Shimano Steps mid-motor. Thanks to Shimano’s ingenious system, support is provided naturally and the operation is simple and intuitive.
In addition to the Steps system, shifting is automatic and electronic via Di2 (always the right gear). The 8 bicycle gears are also made by Shimano and come from the Alfine series. These Alfine gears are specially designed for bicycles carrying heavy loads and are extremely easy to use.
A smooth ride is a must, but good braking performance is at least equally important. That is why Jean is always equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. They ensure a constant and powerful braking force.

Did you know that everything is designed and produced in Achielle’s own workshop?
The frame, the carriers, the stand, etc. are all manufactured in-house.