Craighton Pure

Inspired by typical Dutch bicycles, this bike has a very luxurious finish.

All nostalgic roadster features are present: an upright sitting position, thick tyres, a lugged steel frame, wide handlebars, … You can opt for a step-through frame, a diamond frame or a transport frame (a diamond frame with a double top bar).
If you want a more unique model, you can also opt for the cross frame.
The Craighton is available both without a front carrier (Craighton Pure) and with a front carrier (Craighton PickUp).
As with every Achielle, you decide what your Craighton will look like. And the choice is huge: from a single speed with a coaster brake to eight speeds with roller brakes, a classic bottle dynamo or hub dynamo, handlebars, saddle … and obviously a wide range of colours.

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