Introducing Jean

He’s finally here, meet Jean, Achielle’s Longtail.

Jean is a compact 24″ ebike that is nevertheless capable of large transports.
Imagine two kids (with or without bike seats), lots of groceries, schoolbags,….
Nothing is too much for Jean!

Like all other Achielles, Jean is fully configurable:
Different saddles, lighting, belt or chain,… and especially lots of color combinations.

The essential technical specifications at a glance:
– Shimano Steps E6100 drive unit
– Shimano Steps 504Wh battery
– Gates Belt or chain
– Strong Ryde Andra40 rims
– 24″ wheels with Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 507-55 tires (24×2.15) en 13G RVS spokes
– Alfine 8 Di2 and Shimano hydraulic discbrakes (160 or 180mm rotor)
– Total length 185cm.
– Frame with open geometry (higher saddle and higher handlebar is more leg space)

And some specific options in detail:
– Safety screen feet*:
The screens are designed to shield the entire wheel. The strong aluminum screens come in frame color to perfectly match Jean’s style.

– Footrests*:
Super strong aluminum footrests with anti-slip. These can be mounted at 3 different heights. This way the footrests can always be set at the right height.
In the picture, the footrests are in the lowest position.

– Upper rack:
The double top provides extra protection for hands, should the driver hit an obstacle.
The upper rack follows the color of the rear carrier.

– Cushion:
Jean can be equipped with two separate cushions. This also makes it possible to combine one cushion with one bike seat.
The upper rack is also wide enough to combine with a child seat. This way, the child on the cushion can use the upper rack.

– Stable stand:
We did not choose to purchase a stand, but designed and produced one ourselves.
Inspired by the stand of the Ferre cargo bike, Jean has an easy-to-use, stable and robust central stand.
In combination with the footrests, the standard is provided with a spacer. This way the ease of use is maintained.

– Wide front carrier:
Inspired by the typical Achielle Craighton PickUp front carrier, but this time fixed to the frame (not turning).

* It is necessary to also select the ‘Universal mounting brackets’.
The safety shields and footrests are mounted on the ‘Universal mounting brackets’. Therefore, when selecting Footrests and/or Safety Screens in the configurator, it is necessary to select the ‘Universal mounting brackets’ once.

Jean is pictured in Stardust Black combined with Tangerine and in Matte Black with Lizard Green.