Your change to win some Achielle goodies.

From time to time the Achielle community on Instagram can win some Achielle goodies.
How you can win?
Post a picture of yourself along with your Achielle and tag it with #MyAchielle.
Starting today, your pictures are valid for all #MyAchielle contests in the future.
So if you didn’t win the first time, your picture also participates for the next draws.
The winner will be draw at random, so the more you post, the more change you have to win. And we don’t stop after one draw. So if you didn’t win the first time, keep posting, more goodies are coming 🙂

Probably unnecessary to say, pictures without Achielle and without the hashtag #MyAchielle can’t participate.Timing:
13 sept. 2019: start
25 okt. 2019: 1st draw – Achielle Retro Shirt
6 dec. 2019: 2nd draw – Junior Achielle Truckercap
29 may 2020: 3rd draw – Brooks Challenge Toolbag

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