Steps E6100 Drive Unit (Shimano)

(Update January 2019: site updated to E6100 model)

Unlike what can be found on our website and in the configurator, from now on all Steps Ebikes are delivered with the new (more powerful) Shimano Steps E6100.
All images on the site and configurator are still the old E6000.

The following adjustments can be found on our renewed ebikes:
– The Steps E6100 drive unit has an improved shape compared to the E6000 unit, this new engine has the same suspension points and shape as the E8000 (eMTB) unit.
– The dropouts are replaced by a horizontal version (same type as Oscar & Olivia), so no Alfine chaintensioner needed anymore.
– The speed sensor that used to sit in the middle of the chain stay is now moved to the dropout, with a magnet that is inserted into the disc.
– New display and switches
– 60Nm powerful (improvement of 20%)
– More quite than the E6000 engine

Here you can find the preview pictures.

The renewed ebike is immediately available.
The availability of Carbon Gates belt drive (option) is planned for March 2019.